If Financial Headlines Were Honest

Mainstream and even business news is primarily about attracting an audience to generate profits. While the truth is important, it often doesn’t sell quite as well…


So…what if the headlines were honest and just reported things as they were?


Here are a couple examples from the news sources you trust:


Today, we show you a company that has grown steadily but not by that much, just like most other companies out there.



The US stock market went down today by 1.5%, which has happened hundreds of times before and really has no impact on people’s long-term investments.

Gooble Finance


We have analyzed all of this data from the past for you, which will prove to be either mostly irrelevant or entirely irrelevant in predicting the future.

Yikes! Finance


Interest rates may go up or or they may go down in the future, depending on what happens in the future.

F#X Business


We do not actually know what the financial markets will do.

UMM Money


Hope you had a laugh! News outlets and the media provide an important service, and it’s important to stay connected with our world, but remember to take what you see and read with a grain of salt.




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